Hellenic Panel - European Election Study 2014

The Hellenic Panel Component of the Voter Study of the European Election Study 2014 (EES2014) is part of European project covering Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Austria, Britain, Bulgaria, Germany, the Netherlands Sweden, and Denmark. The research question behind this initiative is the possibility of lasting re-alignments (or de-alignments as the case may be) that may be initiated by the 2014 European Parliament election. The causes of such potential realignments are, of course, not the election itself but the sovereign debt crises and its consequences in a number of European Union member countries, plus the migration issue as a consequence of single market regulations. In order to identify such realignments, we are interested in comparing the voting behaviour of respondents in the European Parliament election of May 2014 with the subsequent 1st order national election vote (“vote” here refers to both participation and party choice).

You can download the Hellenic (Greek) Panel Study: European Election Study 2014 from ICPSR.